Fantasia............ Superb LIVE Band

Welcome to Fantasia.

Fantasia are a 8 piece Party Function band - a group of talented musicians with the aim of providing quality musical entertainment for all kinds of occasions.

With an extensive repertoire of music from all the major decades, Fantasia are very versatile and able to cater for a wide range of musical preferences.

Professional lighting rig and 2K PA included. An optional disco can be provided between sets.

Fantasia's roots span back into the 1980's where they can trace themselves back to one of the original 7 piece function bands in the Eastern region. The name Fantasia first emerged in 1989 and acclaim soon followed with overwhelming support from local fans and companies. National success followed and the band found itself appearing at Sandringham on the Queens Estate, providing musical backing to such stars as Little & Large, Frank Carson, Jim Bowen and Norman Collier. Fantasia's attention to detail and professional attitude became widely admired and kept the band busy.

One national music paper wrote: 'Fantasia is a function band with matchless style, unbound energy, and a repertoire which embraces all types of popular music. Airy vocals, lush accompaniments, insistent rhythms and searing horns are the ingredients which constitute the sound, seamlessly presented in a swirling and dynamic manner.'

Whatever the occasion Fantasia's commitment to filling the dance floor and delighting each audience is unswerving. Clearly there can be no substitute for experience, flair or standards of uncompromising quality and in each of these respects Fantasia tries vigorously to excel.


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