Jimmy Jones
Legendary Comedian

PhotoDuring 30 years of outrage, Jimmy Jones has become Britain's most successful live comedian. The master of comic timing plays around 275 sell out live shows every year.

So why is JIMMY JONES Britains most successful live comedian? Its all about timing, delivery and personality and Jimmy has the personality of twenty people. Jimmy is the peoples comedian and as a result puts bums on seats.

Many celebrities and rock bands cite Jimmy as their favourite comedian including the late Dudley Moore , Tom Sellick , Status Quo , The Rolling Stones , Iron Maiden , Rush and Eddie Grant.

Jimmy's first professional engagements were back in 1962 when he performed seasons at the Royal Standard in Walthamstow and the legendary Montague Arms in South London.

Jimmy also has a vast cult following overseas, particularly in America , Canada , Australia and New Zealand where his albums, tapes and videos sell up to £100.00 each.

Jimmy's first TV appearances came on THE COMEDIANS during the early seventies. Regular spots followed on such shows as STV's Battle of the Comics, The Freddie Starr Show, The Chas n Dave Show and Six O'Clock Live.

Jimmy was presented with the first ever Gold disc for a comedy album. His LIVE FROM THE TALK OF EAST ANGLIA album had notched up sales of over 100,000 copies.

The late great BENNY HILL said to Jimmy after seeing his act, If you saw my hand moving under the table, it was the fact that I was jotting down your act - nothing else!

JIM DAVIDSON has revealed that Jimmy is his biggest influence and it was seeing him on stage at the Montague Arms which made him want to enter comedy.

Jimmy has had many sell out seasons including his personal favourite ambitions to sell out The Strand Theatre and The London Palladium Jimmy was presented with the COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR award in the prestigious Club Mirror awards. Jimmy became the first non TV comic to win the award - previous winners included Michael Barrymore, Lenny Henry , Freddie Starr and Bob Monkhouse.

Rock band IRON MAIDEN flatly refuse to commence their massive world tours without ample stocks of Jimmy Jones tapes and videos.

Jimmy also had two of his videos - TWICE AS OUTRAGEOUS (4) and A CULTURAL NIGHT OUT (8) featured in the Top Ten Video Chart in the same week.

What have MICHAEL JACKSON and JIMMY JONES in common ?
Both have released live videos directed by PAT KELLY - THE LEGEND OF MICHAEL JACKSON and HARDER AND FASTER.

After many tours abroad including Las Vegas, Jimmy is still pulling them in at Theatres, Cabaret ,Clubs and Holiday camps all over the country.


Thoughout four decads Jimmy Jones has wowed audiences around the world with his very own brand of risque humour. His act is legend in an industry which knows him as an artiste who takes no prisoners.

Less well known is The Alternative Jimmy Jones a performance designed by Jimmy himself to accommodate the many requests for him to do after dinner speeches etc.

The result is an hilarious collection of showbusiness stories and anecdotes which, whilst still not children's entertainment, is something of a departure from the style for which he has become famous.

Says Jimmy "My stage act will always be of the same hard hitting nature. Many years of hard work have gone into it and it is what my fans expect. However, the increasing requests from audiences of a different nature for Corporate Dinners and Charity Events etc, has led me to this slightly different approach."



Jimmy Jones

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