Diana Vickers
X Factor Semi Finalist 2009

Diana Vickers was born in Lancashire on 30th July 1991 and has been singing since the age of 11. She’s had singing lessons and has always taken part in local competitions but, has never gigged or sung professionally. Diana is at school studying Theatre Studies, Classics, and Psychology and her plan is to go to Drama School to study Musical Theatre. Fame doesn’t bother Diana, she just wants to be up onstage doing something that she loves and having people watch her perform. She feels like if she doesn’t go for her dreams now, her studies will take over and she may miss out on her opportunity to make it. Diana has a real passion for music and believes she has a quirky, different voice that she’s hoping the judges and viewers will enjoy. On her first live show Diana sang U2’s “With or Without You”. On the 18th October show she covered Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, for which she received nothing but praise with Dannii Minogue describing it as “box fresh” and Simon Cowell remarking she is “the one to beat”. The following week she performed “Smile” which again received much praise and the judges were even more impressed with her version of Blondie’s “Call Me”. In week five, Diana was excused from performing due to a severe case of laryngitis. She had wanted to perform the Mariah Carey song “Always Be My Baby” up until a few hours before the show, but her doctor advised her not to, saying she could do permanent damage to her vocal chords. This is the first time the producers have excused any act from performing. She was said to be devastated not to meet Mariah, who guested on that week’s show. However on The Xtra Factor show afterwards, footage was shown of Diana at a bonfire night party screaming and cheering with the other contestants earlier that week. This created some speculation as to the legitimacy of her illness. However Diana released a statement to contest the claim: “I felt under the weather all last week but didn’t want to miss out on the fireworks display. On Thursday I saw the doctor and was given antibiotics and the following day was diagnosed with laryngitis by a Harley Street specialist. Up until Saturday afternoon, I was still hoping and praying that I would be well enough to perform but the producers spoke to the doctor who made it clear that I could risk long-term damage to my voice. I was absolutely devastated to be told I couldn’t perform on Saturday night and disappointed not to be able to meet Mariah Carey. I am due to see the doctor again on Friday so fingers crossed I will be able to take part in this Saturday’s show”. Diana returned in week six and performed the Coldplay song “Yellow”, prompting Cowell to remark that he believed Diana was still unwell because she had so many “off-notes”. In week seven she sang Take That’s “Patience” commenting that she felt 100% once again and hoped to deliver her best performance to date. During the show, guest Gary Barlow offered to sign her if Simon Cowell didn’t, to which Cowell responded “We will not be accepting Gary Barlow’s kind offer for a recording contract. Leona has done fine with me, thank you Gary.” In week eight, she performed Britney Spears’ “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”, which received a muted reaction from the judges, with Simon telling her it was the first week where she was in danger. She returned for the second half of the show with a version of REM’s “Everybody Hurts”, which kept her in the competition at the expense of Ruth Lorenzo. In the week 9 semi-finals, Diana performed Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” as a first song and received excellent comments from all the judges, Cheryl Cole saying that “she had got that sparkle back”. She followed this with Dido’s “White Flag” but was subsequently voted out of the competition, to the shock and upset of her fellow semi-finalists Eoghan Quigg and Alexandra Burke.

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