The Ultimate in Steps Memoribilia
You can hire this Buggy out for Weddings or use this original Steps Buggy around your garden.

Steps are soon to make a comeback tour and you could own this Steps Buggy
That they used on tour to enter the Stage.

The picture below show's the original Steps using the Buggy


This is The Original Steps in The Moon Buggy

We have this Vehicle FOR SALE to Genuine Purchases/Collectors Only Please

Contact Paul on +44 (0) 1603 426 009 or 07747 785973



Claire Richards (nickname Clara) is a Blonde, Green-eyed Leo. She's 5ft 6in and was born on 17 August 1977. She say's she's friendy, loyal, slightly bossy and outgoing. Her favourite food is ice cream, and to unwind she likes to watch the telly with a pizza, a tub of ice cream, followed by a hot bath! She likes The Backstreet Boys, Karen Carpenter and Celine Dion! Claire is also known as Gadget Steps. And the most embarrassing thing she's done? Tripping up a flight of stairs and headbutting a door backstage in front of the whole crew! Oooops!




Ian Watkins (nickname H) has blonde hair, blue eyes and has the star sign of Taurus. He's 5ft 8in and was born on 8th May 1976. He say's he's not shy, caring, happy, fund and likes eating and swimming. He likes Janet Jackson and The Corrs - and he wouldn't mind working with the Backstreet Boys. H is also known as Hyperactive Steps. And the most embarrassing thing H has done? A teddy knocked him on the head whilst on a TV show in Holland and he fell over! D'oh!



Lisa Scott-Lee (nickname Party Steps) is a dark brown/red haired Scorpio from North Wales. She's 5ft 3in and was born on 5 Novemeber 1975. She describes herself as being a typical scorpio - a perfectionist, a good laugh and a big mouth! She's into Robbie Williams, Texas and generally having a good time. Lisa's most embarrassing moment seems to be that she keeps getting caught in the loo! Ooops! Here at POP-MUSIC.COM we say she's a real babe!



Lee Latchford-Evans (nickname Sensible Steps) is a brown haired, hazel-eyed Aquarius. He's 5ft 9.5in and was born on 28 January 1975. He's into going to the gymn, computer games and watching videos. He likes Robbie Williams, Louise and the Backstreet Boys. Lee's most embarrassing Steps moment was falling over whilst on stage! Ouch!



Faye Tozer (nickname Smiley Steps) is a blonde haired, blue-eyed Scorpio who likes walking, eating, watching TV and going to parties. She's 5ft 7in and was born on 15 November 1975. She say's she smiley, determined, professional and excitable. She likes Madonna, All Saints, Janet Jackson and Will Smith. Her most embarrassing Steps moment was when started to sing "Last Thing On My Mind" with her microphone turned off! Silly!!



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