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Hailing from Birmingham, England, The Fortunes first came to prominence and international acclaim during that Golden Era of Popular Music - the ‘swinging’ mid-sixties.

Following on in the wake of Merseybeat, and the R&B of The Stones, etc., The Fortunes added another dimension to the sound of the classic pop song with their special ingredients of sophisticated orchestration, dual lead vocals and stylish counter-melodies.

The result was a succession of distinctive and distinguished hit records including ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’, ‘Here It Comes Again’ and, continuing into the seventies with more successful releases such as 'Storm in a Teacup' and 'Freedom Come, Freedom Go'. These songs have stood the test of time, becoming household favourites permanently on playlists everywhere.

The Fortunes remain as one of the UKs premier harmony groups, and are constantly in demand worldwide.

Rod AllenFrom the initial success in 1964 of ‘Caroline’, used as the signature tune for the influential Pirate Radio station of the same name, The Fortunes had a steady succession of world-wide hits culminating in 1972 with the release of ‘Storm in a Teacup’. During this period The Fortunes were also the voices for the US Coca Cola adverts (‘It’s The Real Thing’) still to be seen and heard in the US today.

Founder Member Rod Allen has been fronting The Fortunes as Lead Vocalist since 1963. His powerful, versatile voice is unmistakeable, and in the view of many fellow artists and fans alike, considered to be exceptional, if not the best on the circuit.

Bob Jackson Longstanding members Paul Hooper (drums) and Michael Smitham (guitar) ensure The group’s unique blend of harmonies is backed up with a high standard of musical ability honed by many years of experience. This ensures that The Fortunes’ performances exude class and professionalism.

In March 1995 vocalist/keyboard/guitar player Bob Jackson was added to The Fortunes’ ranks. Bob was no stranger to fame as he was previously a member of ‘Badfinger’ when they were on the Beatles’ Apple label. During The Fortunes set, apart from sharing vocal duties with Rod, Bob leads the band through a tribute to his former group, including a version of the Badfinger-penned classic ‘Without You’, made famous by Nillson, and more recently Maria Carey.

Paul Hooper Although The Fortunes’ show concentrates on the hits of Yester-year, the combination of Rod and Bob’s alternating lead vocals together with the group’s dynamic musical versatility allows them to stretch their repertoire over a wide range of material; thus giving them the luxury of performing many of the great songs from the beginnings of Rock and Roll to the present day.

Michael Smitham As a testament to The Fortunes’ continued popularity you need look no further than to the Gold Disc they were awarded in 1987 for over 100,000 sales of the ‘All The Hits and More’ album. The group remain as popular as ever, and are constantly in demand to do TV and radio shows, along with their live concerts. The Fortunes continue to attract rave reviews and new fans wherever they appear.



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