Pee Wee Price ......Surely a Future STAR

Mini Pee Wee                                      

Pee Wee Price as the Court Jester in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Gala Theatre, Durham

“He’s so tall, he could be a dwarf,” ad-libbed the wonderfully witty Pee Wee Price to the 11-year-old among the group of three children invited on stage for the pre-finale singalong.

Price, much acclaimed at the Gala last year, again commands the limelight with his jokes, mimicry and impromptu repartee with the audience. His impersonations are a delight and he proves to be the mainstay of the production “

 Pru Farrier (The Stage)

Pee Wee Price has been a Friend for many years and has matured into an Act I would recommend for any Theatre or End of Pier Show, where people will appreciate the .........Timing this man has and also how naturally Funny he can be.

Paul Wortley