Text Box:  1)      A confirmation document may be issued, rather than individual contracts between both parties, for the greater convenience of all concerned and may also list multiple venues/dates booked for the Artiste or Multiple Artistes booked for the Hirer or Venue. However, each Booking is made as a separate agreement between the relevant Hirer and Artiste and non completion of any individual engagement confirmed, shall not invalidate any other engagement detailed on the contract Number above. Should either Party included in this agreement request that an individual written contract between the two parties be drawn up then NPP will be happy to do so.
2)       This contract is to confirm (a) booking(s) already verbally agreed, which will be deemed accepted and may not be cancelled by either party except by mutual consent in writing and signed by both parties. Failure to sign and return the contract is not sufficient to cancel the existing legal and binding verbal agreement.
3)       In the event of any non-fulfilment of this contract, the level of liability to the client, performer(s) or supplier(s) or Nice People Productions is limited to a maximum of the fee stated in this contract. Contractual disputes must be notified in writing within seven days of the event.
4)       Cancellations, amendments and postponements must be confirmed in writing. In the event of cancellations or postponements of the supplier(s) by the client the supplier may have grounds for claiming compensation from the hirer - subject to legal requirements that you use your best endeavours to mitigate any potential loss. You should note that we act only as Agents in securing this engagement and are not a party to the agreement for any Engagement.
5)       In the event of the performer(s) or supplier(s) being unable to fulfil this contract due to illness or accident. Nice People Productions must be notified immediately and in the case of performer(s) a medical certificate must be provided. Nice People Productions will undertake to provide where possible, replacement personnel or services of a similar standard.
6)       The client must advise Nice People Productions of purchase order numbers where applicable, prior to the date of event. Payment terms of contract with clients will be strictly enforced. All alterations to this contract must be initialled by the client, performer or supplier if they request the need for amendments and must be agreed by all parties.
7)       Nice People Productions are acting on behalf of the client and the performer(s) and/or supplier(s) named herein and the client agrees that re-bookings of the performer(s) or supplier(s) stipulated in this contract within Eighteen months of the date of engagement will be negotiated through Nice People Productions. The performer(s) or supplier(s) agree to refer any re-bookings, extensions, additions or enquiries received as a result of this contract to Nice People Productions. This includes any nett deal contracts and a basic 15% commission is agreed as being fair and reasonable.
8)       Extensions to this contract by way of additions and re-schedules involving increases in performance times and other labour charges are subject to additional fees to be agreed as amendments and confirmed in writing prior to execution.
10)   Nice People Productions will make every effort to ensure that the performer(s) and/or supplier(s) attend(s) to comply with the provision hereof but shall not be responsible for the acts or defaults of the performer(s) and/or supplier(s) which shall be contrary to the provisions hereof. Nice People Productions shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any consequential loss in the event that the performer(s) and/or supplier(s) fail(s) to attend the engagement for any reason outside their control.

11)  The Artiste's engagement under this contract is such that he/she would normally be treated as self employed for National Insurance and Income Tax purposes by reason of being engaged under this contract. Nice People Productions act as an Employment Agency in This Agreement.

12)  Children's Entertainers- If a Children's Entertainer is engaged under this contract it is a condition there should always be a responsible adult present whilst the Artiste Performs.

13)  Health and Safety - the Hirer undertakes to provide a safe working environment and, where electrical equipment is in use at the venue, will ensure that regular examinations are carried out. All signatories to this contract are advised to hold Public Liability Insurance and relevant equipment safety documentation. Equity and Musicians Union Members "In benefit" are covered by the respective group Public Liability Insurance. The performer(s) or supplier(s) undertake(s) that the performance shall not be dangerous to third parties and if any accident or injury results through the default of the performer(s) or supplier(s). The performer(s) or supplier(s) shall pay any resulting loss or damage incurred by the client. The performer(s) agree(s) that all equipment supplied meets the current safety standards in force. No liability whatsoever attaches to Nice People Productions.

14) Force Majeure- no salary shall be paid for days upon which the artiste is unable to perform for any reason beyond the hirer's control, such as National Mourning, War, Fire, Strikes or  Lock Outs directly affecting the Venue, or Order of the Licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction, in any such event, notice must be given to the Artiste forthwith, failing which reasonable expenses must be paid.

Nice People Productions as agent for the hirer or the Artiste has not entered into any separate agreement with either party save for the issue of the commission note or statement by the Agent to the Artiste in relation to the Engagement

Please Sign and Return One Copy 
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